Happy holidaze, everyone! Just in time for 4/20, Space Jesus has come through with spacey, tripped-out new EP to soundtrack your smoke and vapor fueled shenanigans today.

This messiah of weird never slacks on the production front and Zoned Vol. 1 is a testament to his versatility. The release is more laid-back than most of his catalogue, though he still manages to slip in heavy doses of low-end rhythms and psychedelic ambiance. Each tune is unique enough in its own right to stand alone, yet they all contribute to the overall vibe flawlessly. From dubby reggae vibes to syrupy synths and minimalist arrangement, Space Jesus certainly knows how to make you feel like you’re floating through the cosmos. Wonky yet melodic, sparkly yet somber, there’s sure to be something you’ll resonate with on this release; so, don’t sleep!

Zoned Vol. 1 is available now via Wakaan, the new imprint from Liquid Stranger. If you’re feelin’ the vibes, you can grab a copy on iTunes, Beatport, or Spotify; in the meantime, the full stream is below.


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