If you’re searching for something to make you truly trip out on this most lit of holidays, look no further. Conrank is here to give you a first look at his upcoming Hemispheres EP and this tune is certified fuego.

A perfect example of this maniacal producer’s East-meets-West style, ‘Gradient’ is jam-packed with unique sound design and bold composition. Conrank flawlessly fuses well-known elements of trap and bass music with traditional Chinese instruments and almost tribal rhythms. Subtly plucked strings mesh with thick, aggressive horn stabs to create an ethereal yet distinctly urban atmosphere; and, of course, there’s no shortage of the wild synths and sub-bass spalls we’ve come to know and love from his releases with Saturate! Records. It’s tunes like this one that clearly demonstrate why he was hand-picked by the one and only DJ Shadow; dude has mad talent.

And speaking of Shadow, Conrank’s Hemispheres EP will be available exclusively via Liquid Amber; the full release drops on April 26th. In the meantime, you can peep the full stream of ‘Gradient’ after the jump.


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