If you can’t contain your excitement that spring has finally sprung, and need a little extra funk in your life, we’ve got just the thing.

Helsinki-based Disco Despair is back with their sophomore EP titled You Are Girl, and it’s a gorgeous assortment of contemporary soul and traditional disco.

The title track is an effervescent collage of everything beautiful in disco, rife with funky guitar stabs and majestic string accompaniments. “I Guess You Know” sports a classic pop feel and the vocal talent of Swedish singer/songwriter Therese, while the final sounds come from “Our Time Has Come,” an instrumental nod towards humanity’s seemingly inevitable trajectory towards dystopia.

Overall, the three tracks make for a cohesive EP that beautifully elucidates everything we love about Disco Despair’s commitment to quality, groove, and concept. Brought to life by Youth Control, grab You Are Girl now via iTunes.

Disco Despair


Disco Despair - You Are Girl EP [Youth Control]
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