Yesterday evening, producer REZZ took a crack at one of the Deadmau5’s most noteworthy and memorable tracks, “Slip.” Coming as the third song on his 2008 studio album Random Album Title, the tune has remained a staple of the original Deadmau5 sound for nearly a decade. Now, with REZZ’s fresh touch, a completely new side to the track’s inherent vibe and emotional tone has been unearthed.

The flip was uploaded to REZZ’s “Secret tunes SHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Soundcloud account late last night, and comes as half of her recently debuted, two-song EP. The other song, released only moments ago, is a stunning remix of Gesaffelstein’s “Hellifornia.”

The “Slip” remix features a more simplistic and straightforward structure than the original song, pulling out only the most distinct melodies to distort and expand as she sees fit. The result is a larger than life, grungy amalgam of screeching lasers and shattering percussion hits.

Listen to it in full below, and scroll further down to compare it to the 2008 original.