Most music festivals are subject to noise ordinances these days, due to their high intensity sound systems and late-night programming. Unfortunately, it seems that Something Wonderful in Fort Worth, Texas, held at the Texas Motor Speedway, still managed to disturb neighborhood residents in nearby Justin, TX six miles away. Something Wonderful was trying a new venue this year, having moved from the Cotton Bowl in Dallas in 2015, nearly 40 miles to the southeast.

“Boom, boom, boom, all night. Our walls were pounding all night long,” said Velma Buchanan, a Justin resident.

The festival ended at one in the morning, with headlining sets from Tiësto, Borgore and Markus Schulz on its three separate stages.

Buchanan noted that she had never had issues with the NASCAR races at the Speedway, which have an average ambient noise level of 96 decibels. Ezequiel Mendoza, who attended the festival, remarked, “The festival was supposed to be in the race track, but in the end it was in the parking lot for some reason.”

Residents of Justin also apparently had safety concerns.

“There were neighbors who also got toilet paper on their homes. There were neighbors who experienced streakers outside,” Buchanan said. “The had to make sure their children were inside and the doors were locked.”