In case you missed it, ZHU dropped a seriously ambitious remix of Faithless at Coachella weekend one.

There are certainly great moments in the remix (the mellow trap is enthralling, and that saxophone line is oh-so-sexy), however, ZHU’s particular spin sounds rather disjointed from the spirit of the track’s legendary melody.

And though he hasn’t confirmed this is his own remix, everything about the production’s restrained keyboard and meandering synths scream of ZHU.

It’s pretty damn hard to do anything with such an ingrained classic as “Insomnia,” and anyone with the sack to step up to such a project deserves praise. Hell, even Avicii’s remix fell short of being on par. Regardless, hearing this dropped live would be incredible, and I can only imagine the reaction as evidenced by the video below.


H/T Dancing Astronaut