Oliver Heldens‘ recently leaked future house remix of G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha‘s “Me, Myself & I” is great, there’s no denying that. But Martin Garrix collaborator and 16-year-old superstar Mesto might just have him beat.

The youngster dropped a free bootleg of the radio hit today, and it is entirely characteristic of Mesto’s sound while still remaining a unique production in its own right. Most impressively, rather than cut out G-Eazy entirely, as most remixers tend to do for this song, Mesto uses his ad-libs expertly to progress the track towards the powerfully throbbing drops.

Interesting every step of the way, the young dutchman doesn’t waste a second in the sub-4-minute timespan, provoking a constant and unintentional head-bob from me listen after listen. Be sure to cop this free download as premiered by our friends at Future House Music who have certainly been making a name for themselves as well.

We challenge you to find a better remix than this… stream below.