UPDATE 3:30 PST | Adrián Conci has turned himself in.

Conci remained a fugitive during nine days and appeared today at Comodoro Py courthouse holding a rosary in his hands and shedding tears, according to witnesses.

There is some good news coming out of the tragic situation in Argentina. Following Time Warp on April 15, five attendees were found dead and more were admitted to a local hospital. Of those admitted to the hospital, one teenager aged 17 has been sent home and remains in outpatient care. The other three individuals, two men and one woman, remain in critical condition, though stable.

On Monday, it was decided that Buenos Aires would not issue permits to any more electronic music festivals until new, effective drug legislation was put in place. The conditions of the legislation were not made clear at the time. The decision was a joint effort by Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and Federal Judge Sebastian Casanello, the latter of whom is leading the investigation into the deaths.

Unfortunately, of the 30 or so individuals indicted, Adrian Conci, head of the event’s production company Dell Producciones, has been on the run since the judge ordered his detention. Maximilliano Avila, attorney for Dell Producciones, has already been arrested, as has Carlos Maria Garat, the man “responsible for the evacuation plan” for the festival.


via The Costa Rica Star and Perfil.com, The Buenos Aires Herald