It seems like ages since Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories was first released. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who, on the day, skipped out on two of my classes to plant myself in front of my speakers and listen to the full album multiple times through. Despite the nearly three years that have gone by, the tracks still feel like modern classics, untouched and still incomparable to almost anything in the electronic music realm that’s been released since.

In celebration of the work’s (nearly) three-year anniversary, producer k?d has effectively returned us to our initial state of awe and reverence toward the track “Doin’ It Right” today with a stunning, innovative future bass flip. The album’s third single still stands as one of the most memorable and defining pieces of the release. Its infectious and multi-layered vocaloid intro is now globally recognizable, and has even made its way into some of the most incredible dance music live sets of the generation. By listening to k?d’s new remix now, the joy and impact of the song can be experienced for the first time all over again.

It begins with a melancholy arpeggio of delicate blips before the vocals gradually enter the space. Without warning, a driving, ’80’s-inspired rhythm takes control above pulsating layers of deep synths and chordal stutters. The vocals are chopped and thrown around the environment as the track swells upwards, eventually releasing into immensely powerful swells of synth. The track breaks down for a moment into its bare components before climbing once more, this time into a break filled with broken synth stabs and looped vocal segments.

Listen to the flip below, and click here for a free download.