In October last year, Deadmau5 began legal proceedings seeking $10 million per cause of action against his old label, Play Records, with whom he was signed from 2006-2008. The suit alleged that Play Records was releasing mashups and remixes of deadmau5’s old songs without his permission, and not of very good quality, either.

The suit has since been amicably resolved. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The agreement also allows Play Records to retain the rights to more than 100 original tracks, collaborations and remixes created by Deadmau5 (pronounced Deadmouse) between 2006 and 2008.

“Melody told The Hollywood Reporter that Play Records will continue to license and exploit that catalog after both parties amicably resolved their legal wrangle. ‘We are pleased to reach a mutually beneficial resolution, given our long-standing business history,’ Melody said.”

Some of deadmau5’s earliest work, including his first hit “Faxing Berlin,” was released on Play Records.


Image via Rukes