Ever since 1998, Chinese company Hi-LTTE Electronics Technology Co. has been in the business of designing innovative, moving stage lights for theaters, concerts and festivals around the world. With only 10 different lights total, the esteem of their product list truly comes to life when different combinations of them are arranged in a fitting space. The colored filters, different speed settings and flawless synchronization allow the set craft what looks like a 3D environment.

The result of some of the more sophisticated arrangements is a truly beautiful and inspiring accompaniment to live music. Watch several of Hi-LTTE’s self-made films, and start making phone calls to your local venue so that they can implement some of their own on stage.

Unfortunately, this setup is unlikely to ever be used with a DJ when you consider the space needed and the arrangements of the lights. Nevertheless, it’s worth gaping in awe.


H/T: EDM.com