Krewella has had a tough time of it. After Kris Trindl left the group in 2015, the Yousaf sisters faced intense animosity from many people in the community who maybe felt a little jilted. The unfortunate side is that those feelings have persisted. Fortunately, Krewella has a devoted Krew behind them that have made this all worthwhile.

Yasmine shared a personal video via the Krewella Facebook page today that should shed some light on what they’ve been going through. From the outside, it may seem that they’ve got everything pretty well put together. But anyone who knows what a touring performer goes through on a daily basis can imagine what Krewella has been going through. It can’t have been easy.

At the end of the video, Krewella reveals the release date for their forthcoming Ammunition EP: May 20. The EP will feature their latest single “Beggars” and a lot more that is sure to show fans what Krewella has in store from here on out.


Image via Rukes