Intel, the same company behind the heart of your digital world, just created the future of aerial entertainment.

Instead of shooting propelled, single-use bombs into the sky and watching them explode in what we call a “fireworks show,” Intel is experimenting with choreographed drone displays. Yeah, that’s right.

Imagine thousands of drones populating the air, affixed with LEDs and floating in their own predetermined dance for the ultimate light show. What’s even better is that they’re not single-use items, so instead of festivals saving up their fireworks for one big bang at the end, think about experiencing aerial┬ádisplays like this at multiple points throughout an event.

With drones, there’s no instant display and conclusion – the tech can run as long as the battery allows, giving way for complex designs and choreography in the sky. It’s also a more sustainable solution for the environment.

Right now they’re limited to 100 drones, but they’ve already gotten the FAA’s approval, and our imaginations are already running wild with what will become possible in a year or two. Especially considering the intricate arrangements with precision flying, this could be a game changer.