Along with all of the other albums released yesterday, May 6, including Mike Posner, Kaytranada, James Blake and Skepta, one artist is making a bit of a splash by saying they’ve gotten some influence from dance music: Goo Goo Dolls. Yes, the rock band that your parents listened to just released their 11th studio album, Boxes, and lead singer John Rzeznik says that a lot of influence on the album came from EDM.

“I worked with a few people who I really enjoyed working with, and I just opened my head to a lot of different influences,” Rzeznik said. “I did a song with these young guys Cash Cash, EDM guys, and I was just so fascinated by what they did. And then I worked with a guy named Drew Pearson on some writing, and he’s just… he’s crazy. He’ll do anything. And it was just about taking all the restrictions off of everything.”

The album might not resonate with many dance music fans, as it is not dance music by any means. But the fact that our favorite music is influencing even bands that have been around since the late ’80s is a testament to how unavoidable the changing tides are.

“I don’t wanna live within the walls that I built, so we just broke them down,” said Rzeznik. “Everyone changes; you have to change. I didn’t want to make the same record again.”

Listen to Boxes below.