As part of record collective Hebinomichi‘s powerful, fourth compilation release, Argentinian beatmaker Dabow has just unveiled a brand new, original trap heater called “Roses.” Coming as a slight departure from his usual style, the track’s structure weaves in and out of melody-driven and more rhythmically centered sections, allowing the full scope of the idea to be fleshed out and explored. The result is a truly immersive and innovative creation in the timeline of Dabow’s blossoming career.

“Roses” begins with a sultry progression of jazz chords through a staticky, flickering array of synths before a series of claps carries them upwards into the drop. A simple yet abrasive percussion section anchors the sporadic and satisfyingly delayed blips and twangs that make up the main melody. As the components slowly break down, the focus shifts to a more soulful and minimal portion, allowing the drums’ crispness to briefly shine. Eventually, we return to the drop with newfound force.

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