Martin Garrix and Avicii‘s first release together came in the form of “Waiting For Love,” from which Garrix was excluded from the title. However, WFL is apparently not the last song between the two EDM superstars.

Debuted at Ultra Music Festival, the newly anointed #1 festival in the world, their speculated unreleased collab “Hold On Never Leave” has received an absolutely extraordinary fan tribute. Despite using audio likely ripped from a live set, the fan-made visual compilation is undeniably borderline official quality. Boasting over half a million views and a scant few 200-some dislikes compared to the 20,000+ likes, it’s obvious the internet feels the same way.

Where this will see a release, nobody can be sure. Perhaps it will make an appearance on Garrix’s debut album, promised to arrive by the end of the summer… or perhaps not.

Either way, watch it below and as always, let us know what you think!