Sponsored by Olmeca Tequila, Mixmag has delivered a stellar mini-documentary to offer behind-the-scenes look at Daft Punk’s most iconic equipment: the helmets.

In 1997, Daft Punk released Homework, their debut LP which slammed them front and center on the dance map. However, they remained obtrusively human.

Starting in 1999, the duo sought to redefine their identities so as to become more aligned the direction of their music. They consulted with Grammy winning video directors Alex & Martin for designs, and Tony Gardner of Alterian Inc. contributed his special effects expertise to make the project a reality. It wasn’t long before the robots were born and history was made.

Watch the video below to get the 411 (that’s “info,” for those of you born after 2002) on the inspiration behind the helmets, the developmental journey, and how they’ve evolved over the years.