The Kylie Jenner & SLS Nightclub saga continues! Following the recent announcement that Kylie Jenner was going to perform her DJ debut at SLS Nightclub’s Foxtail, the internet took to social media to express their anger. After the initial backlash, Kylie Jenner tweeted the following:

Now, we’ll never know for sure if there ever was a DJ performance planned in the first place and the 18-year-old got cold feet, or if this was all an elaborate trick, but interestingly enough, SLS decided to reveal a new piece of news to TMZ after all this happened. Apparently SLS was contacted by someone who claimed to represent Kylie, and apparently the nightclub never took the time to actually confirm whether that was true or not before spending tens of thousands in marketing and embarrassingĀ themselves in front of thousands.

Did Kylie feel the wrath of millions of angry EDM fans or did SLS get tricked by a talented troll? I guess we’ll never know.


Source: TMZ