Update: Things just got a lot more interesting. Kylie Jenner decided to tweet out the following in response to SLS Las Vegas’ initial announcement:

You want to talk about a blatant disregard for artistic integrity and obvious money grab, look no further than the latest booking for SLS Las Vegas’s club, Foxtail: Kylie Jenner.

Her first ever foray into music was on the incredibly awful track “Beautiful Day,” a cover of the Mr. Rogers theme song. And that was 8 days ago. And did we mention it was awful?

And now suddenly she has her first DJ gig.

There are a lot of celebrities whose rise to stardom was parallel to their love of music: Elijah Wood, Ruby Rose, Idris Elba. Then there are those who capitalized on their fame: Paris Hilton, Pauly D. And then there’s Kylie.


For what it’s worth, it doesn’t seem like anyone else following SLS on Twitter is very excited about the prospect.