Portuguese beatmaker Holly has just teamed up with collaborators Noche and Snappy Jit to create a powerful and immensely unique original bass track, “Loose My Head.” With a stuttering and broken rhythm and swirling vocal samples, the structure and arrangement of the track are easily two of its most interesting components. The result of the three’s individual styles and production methods is a truly innovative piece of work that still comes off as familiar and approachable to the seasoned bass music listener.

It begins with distant chords that shimmer beneath oncoming arpeggios and speeding vocal cuts. The vocals quickly take over the spotlight as the track begins to swell upwards into the break. Suddenly, a sporadic pulsing of different bass tones and percussion hits throws the vibe on a spin, transforming it into a minimalist and harsh anthem. The drums are eventually stripped away, leaving only the tones and far-off supporting melodies from the introduction. We are brought back once more to the drop, this time with newfound force and energy.

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Holly x Noche x Snappy Jit - Loose My Head [Free Download]
7.8Overall Score