LA-based collective Justin Jay & Friends returned this week with a brand-new addition off of their forthcoming debut album Fantastic Voyage. The crew decided to take an unconventional approach to the release of the album, choosing to slowly rollout a sequence of singles and EPs on different labels so that each track is listened to individually instead of all at once. The endeavor has proven to be a successful one so far, with the majority of the album’s previous tracks gaining major support from fans everywhere and effortlessly placing on the Hypem charts.

Released off Boston-based label Soul Clap Records, the 2-track EP from Justin Jay & Friends is another lustful set of tunes that are once again graced by the crooning vocals of singer Josh Taylor. The first track off the EP, “Let Go” is a mellow, feel-good run through Justin Jay’s coolheaded house groove, using scaling guitar rhythms and smooth-flowing percussion to put you in a pleasant state-of-mind. The second track “Turn Around” follows suit, and is another fantastic addition that compliments the uplifting energy of the album.

Take a listen to “Let Go” from Fantastic Voyage – Part 3 below.