Truth be told I promised myself, not to mention everybody else, that I wouldn’t be premiering music for the next little while or so while I’m busy on the road. Unfortunately, the second I received this track I knew I would pretty much have to overrule myself.

“Another Life” is KREAM at their finest with the Norwegian brotherly duo stringing together another upbeat deep house hit. Reminiscent of classic 90s style UK-house with just a splash of extra bass to get even the most sullen feet moving, “Another Life” uses a strong piano lead and solid string-work to get the dance-floor going from 0 to 100 while vocalist Mark Asari also delivers a solid topline to really tie everything all together.

If you’re new to the deep house scene you should definitely keen an eye out for KREAM. Their first single of the year “Love You More” really took off and I’m expecting “Another Life” to do the same as well.