In the storied history of Kanye West, many people can attest to odd interactions. He’s not exactly the most grounded individual in the music/entertainment business, so almost anyone who’s spent time with him can recite an odd happening.

Ninja, from Die Antwoord, pretty much just beat everyone with this.

During what was supposed to be a recording session with Kanye at his home, Kanye apparently turned on anal sex porn in the midst of a conversation.

“I had this idea for a track and, as I’m about to say the sh*t about the track, Kanye just turns on an anal sex video. Like a random anal sex video,” said Ninja. “And then Kanye says, ‘Why is this guy putting his whole hand in her ass with his dick?’ And then he turned back to me and said, ‘Sorry, what were you saying?’”

Guys will be guys, right? But it didn’t end there.

Kanye interrupted Ninja again to ask if he liked banana pudding. Based on the immediately previous interaction, it wouldn’t be too hard to assume that ‘banana pudding’ was some kind of weird euphemism, but no, Kim had just made dessert.

You can watch Ninja retell the whole incredible story in the video below.


via BroBible