Richard Melville Hall is a legend in music, but you know him better as Moby. Apart from his own acclaimed material, Moby’s era-spanning career has seen him work with Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, New Order, and more. So if anyone knows what they’re talking about when the topic is electronic music, it’s this guy.

In a recent interview with Larry King, Moby recalled his first performance at Electric Daisy Carnival, explaining why the experience of modern EDM is so captivating.

“I thought I would be playing an underground, small party, and I went to the stadium at USC, and I walked in and there were 75,000 kids there. And this production was like a cross between Cirque Du Soleil and the Olympics. Fireworks, and pyro, and lights, and strobes, and immediately, and immediately I understood…”

However, Moby claims there exists an undeniable link between dance music and drug use, saying the number of fans not using a substance “are a statistical anomaly.”

Moby even went on to discuss the factors of success, and why he’s never had another hit like his 1999 album, Play.

“Before Play was released, I was going broke, I lost my record deal, I thought I was going to have to sell my apartment in New York and move back to Connecticut and become a Philosophy professor… Play had an innocence to it, because I didn’t think anyone was going to listen to it.”


H/T The Bangin Beats