In a CNBC special detailing the business of electronic dance music, Insomniac Founder Pasquale Rotella offered his insight on what drives the raving business. While it all makes perfect sense to those of us involved with the music, to someone who has no idea where EDM grows or if it’s illegal, the entire concept can be rather confusing.

After explaining the reasons behind dance music’s inevitable longevity to the show’s hosts, he was asked whether or not EDM festivals themselves were just another fad. In his response, Rotella mentions that the movement is growing all the time, and that his own brand would be expanding further in the coming years.

He speaks briefly about Electric Daisy Carnival’s expansion into Brasil, and re-entry into Japan, before letting slip the name of the next country to be graced by the event’s presence: India.

Undoubtedly, the dance music market in India is a very substantial one, with more large-scale festivals popping up every year. In conjunction with the club scene in Delhi and Mumbai and increasingly vocal representation online, the Indian EDM community appears to be the perfect hosts for an event such as EDC.

Watch Rotella mention the new EDC location below.

EDC Las Vegas just sold out GA today, as well. The lineup is announced tonight on Night Owl radio.