Eric Prydz is the man. Over his genre-defining career spanning 15 years, Prydz has become a beacon of hope for quality, emotive house, managed to conceptualize some of the most groundbreaking productions, and still finds the time to produce and tour under several aliases.

Now, in partnership with Spotify, Prydz has curated a startling 150 track playlist that chronicles his career. Including material from his efforts as Cirez D and Pryda, the massive undertaking leaves more than a gentle impression of the Swede’s artistic vision.

There are even clips of Prydz’ interviews discussing his beginnings in London, what streaming implies for the future of music, and how he views himself in the music world.

“Musically, I keep to myself. I do music that excites me… I don’t listen to trends, I kind of just do my own thing.”

But instead of just reading about it, click below and let the music speak for itself.


H/T Dancing Astronaut