While Insomniac had our ears glued to their live stream tease of this year’s EDC Vegas lineup, they revealed a lot more than just who’ll be playing. As a prelude to announcing talent, Pasquale took it upon himself to clue us in on the new features of EDC’s various stages.

We’ve heard straight from the source that NeonGARDEN will be packing boosted 50-foot ceilings and a giant disco ball to play on their history of tried and true house and tech; bassPOD will once again have some serious pyrotechnics, and there will also be water cannons to balance the elements; wasteLAND will feature a post-apocalyptic San Francisco design for all the hardstyle fiends, and circuitGROUNDS is going to boast a 360 degree design with a structure three times larger than last year… damn.

And regarding the main stage kineticFIELD, Pasquale had this to say:

“[It’s] the biggest stage within EDC. It has largest production elements, it has the largest scenic elements. It’s 400 feet wide, it’s over 100 feet high. I’m hoping for the 20 Year Anniversary of EDC Las Vegas that we can blow your mind more than we ever have in the past. There’s an iconic piece that’s going to be in the middle of this stage that is using technology to the fullest. And it’s not going to be turned on right when you walk in. Later in the night, we’re gonna flip the switch. All I can say is prepare yourself.”

Be sure to check back tomorrow for EDC’s full lineup reveal.


H/T Dance Music North West