RAM Records, to put it simply, always knows which artists demonstrate the most promising potential. Program a label also established by RAM, is known for housing releases from artists that mold a puzzle piece for the RAM sound itself. With artists, like Basher, Bladerunner, Chroma, L33 and Stealth, who could deny that this sister label is one of the heaviest in the game? After a short hiatus, the label is back to carve their renowned imprint back into the scene they helped create- and what more defining way to make a comeback, than with an exponential EP from Agressor Bunx?

We at Your EDM are proud to premiere “Colony,” one of four back-crunching tunes of the aforementioned release. The production kicks off with an ominously gut-twisting introduction, blending dark soundscapes with anxious atmospheres. A feature the duo is quite consistently known for. Before listeners can blink an eye, push comes to shove and a malicious female vocal intrudes the buildup with her vile statement, as to imply the imminent destruction has arrived upon us all. Break. As the kick commands a paralleled bass line, the onslaught morphs in and out of my mediocre headset as if I was listening on a $6,000 Dolby surround sound system. If that isn’t pure quality, I truly don’t know what is.

Keep an eye on RAM/Program’s socials for a release date, I know I will!