In a lot of ways, Rihanna is both extremely difficult and really easy to remix. Her voice automatically lends itself to remixes, an ostensibly undeniable factor in her own success; however, therein also lies the problem. Rihanna is such a polarizing figure that remixing her could be doomed to failure simply by virtue that you’re remixing Rihanna.

The trick, it seems, is to use Rihanna’s vocals as a tool, rather than focal point, and build your remix out from them, rather than around them. Carlyle has done just that. Taking the lesser known track “Sex With Me” from her new album Anti, Carlyle puts his own unique spin with powerful kicks and an addicting bassline.

Elements of the original melody are kept in order to make the remix more relatable, and it even makes the remix better, in my opinion. I’ve already mentioned before when I’ve covered Carlyle in the past that I believe he’s one of the producers that could be deemed the future of bass house. This track not only proves that even further, but I believe it really shows that Carlyle is not afraid to take risks – and that’s absolutely essential.

Check out the track below, and also grab your free download while you can.