Skizzy Mars is doing some pretty cool things out in the Big Apple. He’s already been labeled as New York’s hottest rapper by ASOS as he’s stepped onto the scene with incredible swag and a style of music you can’t help but love.

He recently called on another talented producer in the area, one of our favorites, who goes by the name of Fareoh, to step in and remix his single “Alcoholics”, which had us on the edge of our seat, eager to hear what the end result would be. Man, is it a beauty.

The minute you press play a beautiful medley of acoustic guitar and Skizzy’s voice meet your ears. The light-hearted, carefree ambiance continues, escalating into a electrifying fusion of pop and tropical vibes. Honestly, this is a remix you’ll find yourself listening to all summer long.

Listen to Fareoh’s remix to “Alcoholics” below!