As summer approaches, we all know a few things for sure: the sun will be hot, the beach will be busy, and dance floors all over the country will be crowded with tan and happy people looking to dance! It therefore goes without saying that the summer season is the perfect time to discover new, catchy, groove-worthy tunes – and we have just the thing!

Straight from the beaches of San Marino, the incredibly talented trio of Italian producers that make up DELAYERS bring you this newest track, “Let It Go.” One of two featured on their latest EP, this song is sure to have you up on your feet, feelin’ the music in no time. It opens with an almost deceivingly smooth and calm vocal from the talented Rhett Fisher, but within seconds the track begins to build an uplifting back beat, bursting into life with its rhythmic pulse and signature cranks. The hauntingly ethereal synth that percolates in the background takes on some serious distortion, adding snaps and some smile inducing melodic twists! Upping the ante, boosting the tempo, and kicking it into high gear, the song finishes up with a happy, uplifting, unique sound that is enough to make anyone want to get up and dance! So if you’re looking for a reason… You’re welcome.

Check out this amazing track, along with it’s partner in crime, “She Bad,” available today on Nameless Records. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.