UPDATE 5:30 PM | Deadmau5’s Soundcloud is now inexplicably back, with all of his tracks still in place.

UPDATE 4:30 PM | Deadmau5 has removed his Soundcloud, and it’s been swooped up by another lucky fellow.

By now, you’re probably aware that Deadmau5’s Soundcloud account was “hacked” two days ago by a collective called Our Mine. They threatened to release public information about him, and even apparently ordered a set of dildos to be sent to an old address of his. They claimed, after all this, that they were doing everything in his best interest in order to show him how to not be hacked in the future… right.

Beginning at around 1pm PST today, Deadmau5 began unleashing fury against Soundcloud after receiving an email back from their security team. The entire string of tweets is interesting to see as he progressively gets more and more frustrated with the service, threatening to remove his account. In doing so, he finds that his account is frozen.

There’s no argument against Soundcloud upgrading their security and authentication processes – no one really believes that would be a bad idea. However, there has to be some other story to this that we’re not seeing. For instance, why was his account frozen? Probably for security reasons as they investigate how someone gained access.

Deadmau5 had to cease his rant because his girlfriend was bitten by a goat. I don’t know if that’s just the perfect ending, or just “typical” deadmau5, but this likely isn’t over.


Image via Rukes