Back in April, Party Favor teamed up with Mountain Dew Kickstart to score the soundtrack to their most recent “Freak Chain” commercial. The track, “Wiggle Wop,” is set to dancing animals and people who try the soft drink and – as is expected – can’t help but start twerking.

Due to the success of the song and advertisement, however, Party Favor has finally decided to release the track in full. Featuring vocals from Fly Boi Keno and a relentless, yelping melody, the track can now be streamed and purchased at the below link.

Then, to add even more to the hype, another Party Favor track, “Booty Loose,” was featured in Neighbors 2 with Seth Rogen, which hit theaters on May 20. In the clip, Zac Efron dedicates the song to a girl in the crowd, proceeding to thrust and gyrate around the stage in normal Efron fashion.

Check out the clip below.

Click here to purchase or stream the track now!