I think it’s safe to say that Dillon Francis’ new pet project, DJ World, is our new favorite thing.

In Episode 1, we got a brief overview of each character. In Episode 2, we’re getting a lot of Ronnie Ferrari, played by Getter. Ronnie says he was “born a boy,” though we’re not sure what he identifies as now. There’s no getting around that they’re playing rather loose with him liking men, a character trait I’m sure we’ll see fleshed out, considering there are six DJs living in three rooms – something that is explicitly pointed out to him.

There are going to be 7 episodes total, so unless we speed up the character introductions, we’re just going to get one character per episode without any real plotline, which is, honestly, not that bad either.


May 24 – DJ World Episode #1
May 26 – DJ World Episode #2
May 31 – DJ World Episode #3
June 2 – DJ World Episode #4
June 7 – DJ World Episode #5
June 9 – DJ World Episode #6
June 14 – DJ World Episode #7