Elysian Records mainstays Lazy Boyz have been regulars on Your EDM in the past, pushing out a number of quality trap tunes in the year and a half they have been active. However, the group recently made an announcement, stating that they were done and all three members were leaving in order to focus on their solo careers. But, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this break-up has luckily spawned a brand new project from one of the members that is sure to make some serious waves in the bass music community.

Departures is the start of a new musical journey for former Lazy Boyz founder Aaron Michaels that will focus on emotion-laden tunes that still hit and sound hard. This isn’t an easy feat to accomplish and should be seen as a testament to Aaron’s prowess in the studio. Your EDM has the pleasure of premiering Departures’s debut track, appropriately titled “Back Here Again.” Out via MMXC, it features a massive dubstep-influenced sound that will surely please fans of Lazy Boyz, and bass music in general.

The track kicks off with a few dark piano chords, working to set the mood before some male vocals take over. Pushing the track forward is a simple yet extremely effective ‘plucking’ synth that can be heard in the background, which brings a surprising amount of energy while working as an extended build-up. Departures holds nothing back, combining a hefty sub with what sound like metal-esque guitar riffs, which together to create an extremely heavy atmosphere. Layers of wonky horns also appear at the drop, introducing some brighter sounds to the mix that add a bit of variation and vigor to the song while still retaining the dark feel “Back Here Again” manages to curate.

While we’re sad to see Lazy Boyz go, the future seems bright for Departures. He is surely an artist to keep an eye on as we can only expect things bigger and better things from here on out; this is undoubtedly going to be an impressive project. Stream the track below and click HERE to download “Back Here Again” for free!

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