Last month New York-based DJ/producer Party Thieves released his debut EP Undrafted. It was the first release on Hi-Def Youth, the new record label from the one and only trap lords Flosstradamus. Fresh off a North American tour in support of the EP and a spot at EDC New York, Jared McFarlin gives us some insight into where the EP came from, what it was like headlining his own tour, and what new music Party Thieves has in store.

First things first, congratulations on the Undrafted EP, it’s probably your most ambitious project to date. Tell me a little bit about the process of the EP, how it came to be, where you drew inspiration from, what you hope to accomplish?

“I had a lot of fun creating the Undrafted EP. Towards the end of last year, I really wanted to curate a few tracks that really fit my character and the unique sounds that I enjoy as an artist. Each track was inspired at a different point over 3-6 months, as well, I made all the artwork for the EP which allowed me to express my creativity on another pallet. As always I just want to continue to inspire new artists to step out of their comfort zone and work towards new sounds. #Zooted was that unique track for me that I felt really curious about myself because the structure and flow of the track isn’t really like anything I’ve heard before.”

You’re also going on a full North American tour in support of Undrafted. Tell us a little about what goes into planning your own tour?

“The tour has been amazing so far with more and more shows selling out every city. Each tour I go on, we are really looking to hit the cities that have consistently shown my music the most support over my career. A lot of the tour stops I have played that city before as a support act, so now I’m excited to come back and really throw a party.”

Undrafted was just released through Flosstradamus’ label Hi-Def Youth. Tell me a little about how Flosstradamus has supported you as an artist and what it means to you to be their first release on the new imprint?

“It’s definitely an honor to have the Floss camp behind me as an artist. Like many others I definitely looked up to them when I first got into electronic trap.”

You also just wrapped up a tour of Australia. I’m sure as an artist who keeps growing you’re always visiting new and exciting locales, tell me what were some highlights of your Australian tour and what were your takeaways?

“I absolutely love Australia, they go heavy down under. This was my second tour there in a year and it was just as amazing the second time as it was the first. These kids are passionate about the music and they always treat international artists with so much love.”

Now that the EP has dropped when can fans expect new Party Thieves’ music and where else will fans see you this summer once the Undrafted tour wraps up?

“Definitely plan on rolling out a few more big releases this year. Been working further on my Flosstradamus collab’ during the tour so also excited to wrap that up as well.”

The Theft Army has upcoming stops in DC and Atlanta this month. Make sure to listen to Undrafted below.