The dance world is still in shock from Carl Cox’s retirement from his long-time residency at Space, but the legend has assured us he won’t be gone forever. Though it’s true he won’t have a residency on the white isle for the first time in 15 years, Cox says he’ll be guesting a couple times throughout the season at various clubs. He recently opened up to Mixmag about the reasoning behind his decision.

“People think if I’m not doing Space, I’m not doing anything. Steady on! Take a breath! I’m going to slow down, no doubt about it. The traveling aspect is hard on my body, hard on my brain. I want to wake up in the morning and feel normal.”

As dance music continues to gain popularity, more and more strain is being put on DJs, with relentless tour schedules and ever increasing production expectations taking their toll on artists’ health.

“I can’t sleep on demand in all these different time zones. I don’t want sleeping tablets, but I haven’t had a natural eight-hour sleep for years. I’m the consummate night owl but I can’t get back into a daytime rhythm. If I carry on I’m going to burn out. But I’m not over yet – far from it. I’ll just be doing less.”


H/T Mixmag