One of the best rewards for music fans comes simply when their favorite artists, bands, or DJs take time off their busy schedules to answer some personal questions. Last night, Los Angeles producer/DJ and social media misfit Dillon Francis took some time to let his Twitter followers ask a range of burning questions, from new music to marriage proposals.

Right off the bat, the AMA had Felix Cartal approaching Dillon Francis over a possible collaboration, as Felix will be living in L.A. for the summer duration.


This was followed by a wildly random question from electro house favorite TJR, who Dillon worked with for the song “What’s That Spell?” on Money Sucks, Friends Rule.


The next question came from a fan asking about his favorite collaboration. In classic Dillon Francis fashion, he revealed a little more than what was asked.


Poor Kill The Noise

He was also asked about his inspirations toward becoming a DJ. I’m not too sure we can take this answer too seriously, but everyone has their origin stories.


But the biggest reveal from his AMA, undoubtedly, was the tentative release date for his next single.


From his favorite collaborations to new music with GTA, Dillon Francis’s AMA was exactly what you would expect it to be. Filled with a few big reveals, many silly questions (with equally as silly answers), and major producers chiming in here and there, fans can walk away from Twitter with excitement for more Dillon Francis material coming soon. Although we added our favorite tweets, check out the rest of the Q&A session here.