Experimental producer Aphex Twin has earned himself a dedicated cult following in the few decades he has been involved in the scene through his uncanny recordings. And it seems fans are soon to be graced with a new EP, according to new posters popping up in record stores in the UK. Take a look below:

As you can see, the working title for the release is Cheetah EP. Stylized as an old-school magazine ad, this poster features some ‘specs’ of the EP and also includes a bit encouraging listeners to submit remixes they want considered by WARP, the label Aphex Twin has entrusted with a number of his releases.

According to FactMag, Cheetah is an old analog synth company and Teac used to create tape recorders, most likely used in the creation and naming of the EP. Songs from one of Aphex Twin’s Soundcloud accounts included Cheetah in the title, so it’s fair to assume these may make an appearance. Check out one of those tracks, “Cheetah3,” below and be sure to keep an eye out for Cheetah EP!


[H/T FactMag]