Danish house duo Kenton Slash Demon are sitting right on the precipice of taking over electronic music as a whole, largely due to their very consistent output of singles and EPs. Up to this point, the duo juxtaposed 4/4 beats with psychedelic vocal samples, but their latest single on the Future Classic record label finds them taking a more traditional, yet surprisingly effective route by using a full-on vocal track.

“Peace” is actually the duo’s most accessible track yet. Kenton Slash Demon turns down the tempo just a bit to let the vocal track breathe, and while it results in a more radio friendly single, the experiment effectively takes the duo into a new era of production. Lyrics like, “History’s just a box I keep you in” maintain the dark vibe from previous Kenton Slash Demon tracks, and plucky synths keep the track grounded so that it never fully crosses over into pop/electronic territory. The accompanying music video, produced in black and white, retains their characteristically spooky imagery.

We are curious to see if Kenton Slash Demon continues to pursue the use of fully fledged vocal tracks, and “Peace” suggests a successful move in that direction. Watch the music video for “Peace” below: