On the heels of his groundbreaking new LP, Flume has revealed the brewing hatred he’s received from fans of One Direction.

Back in 2012, Flume’s debut album dethroned One Direction’s own album for the number one spot on Australia’s iTunes chart. We would never have guessed that such an achievement could come under fire, but I guess nothing is safe when it comes to One Direction…

Flume, who goes by Harley Streten when he’s not crumbling minds, received hordes of hate mail from the band’s adoring fans due to his success.

“Making the music was never about getting stats, going Gold, being number this or that, so having all these stats and things is just a big bonus. I’ve got to admit though, beating One Direction was seriously satisfying – I got a bit of hate mail from young 1D fans… I enjoyed every one of their letters.”

“It was basically teenage girls flipping out and being really over-the-top abusive. They wrote things like, ‘How could you do this to my boys? F**k you Harley, you’re f**king up One Direction.”

However, Harley Streten wasn’t about to let the comments get to him, and he simply tweeted the more outlandish messages for his own fan base to get a laugh. Flume just embarked on his 70-day world tour, and we can’t wait to see his new live show to vibe in agreement with his newest work on Skin. Still, we had no idea the Australian producer had been subject to such blunt hatred.


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