My first time seeing Caravan Palace was three years ago. Just to put things in perspective: three years ago, brostep was still cool; I still hadn’t joined the staff of Your EDM; I had just graduated college and finally found the time to go to a lot of shows.

Three years later, I’ve seen more backstages than I care to admit, I’m working full time for Your EDM, and I still love getting in the crowd for my favorite acts. This is especially true when my favorite act is playing electroswing and half the crowd is legitimately dancing and acting like a community.

I remember thinking to myself the last time I saw Caravan Palace that for all the PLUR in the world, the greatest community I’d ever experienced at a show was watching everyone jump in unison while swinging and gyrating to live music. Sure, that same kind of unanimous activity happens at other EDM shows, but I suppose it’s the reasoning behind the actions that truly spell out the difference for me.

Caravan Palace just put out their third studio album, confusingly titled <I°_°I>, but colloquially referred to as Robot or Robot Face. This American tour was their first in support of the album, and the first time the band toured the US in 3 years (except for a Coachella appearance in 2014). Aside from the new music, not much has changed about the way the band performs, and that’s definitely a good thing. The full band has an absolutely electrifying stage presence, moving between instruments, dancing, interacting with the crowd and everything in between with unadulterated ease.

New tracks like “Lone Digger” and “Wonderland” made their way into the set, as did classics like “Clash,” “Rock It For Me,” and “Brotherswing” was an incredible encore.

Hopefully, it doesn’t take another 3 years for Caravan Palace to come back to Los Angeles.


Image via Facebook