If you haven’t heard of LondonBridge yet, you must be living under a rock. The young LA-based producer has just had a fantastic run of festival bookings including Coachella, Bonnaroo and EDC, and he’s also one of the founders of the massive party Space Yacht in Los Angeles (and beyond).

We knew that he was playing EDC, so we wanted to catch up with him before he left and get some thoughts from him. However, coverage ended up being too deep and we weren’t able to push out the interview before his set, so we decided to catch up with him afterward too!

Additionally, he has a new song out called “America Online” that is full of references to the olden days of dial up. (Though, a large portion of the US is still reliant on this outdated technology.) Check out the track below, and scroll down to read through our interview with LondonBridge.


You’ve already performed at Coachella AND Bonnaroo this year. That must feel great, right?

It’s totally insane and a dream come true. I’ve been going to festivals since I was 15 and to be able to play those were just a totally magical experience.

I also heard your crowd for Bonnaroo was absolutely massive. How’d that happen?

Bonnaroo was especially crazy given that we had the most insane crowd ever. All the other stages were closed at the time (3AM) so the whole festival came to my set and was ready to party. It was like I was throwing Space Yacht for 25,000 of my closest friends. It was raining glow sticks. The stage that I played was also really incredible (Kalliope) in terms of production. There was fire and everything. It was LIT!

How are you funneling that positive energy into your upcoming EDC set?

The Bonnaroo show really got me pumped for this week. I love EDC and the energy in Vegas at that time. Couldn’t’ be more excited to play. I’m also pumped because there are a lot of fans that I’ve made online, who are going to see me for the first time. I’m going to wear my light up shoes. Seriously.

Any plans to conquer the world after this? Or more low-key like just the continental United States?

I’d love to be able to play overseas, but I’m still just trying to build here at home and I know i have a lot of work to do. My focus is on new music and more shows. I’ve been working in the studio for the past three months on a batch of new originals and collaborations. I’m also focusing on building Space Yacht with Ollie and Henry. That party is a big reason that I’ve been able to get some of these bigger shows. Couldn’t be more excited for what the future brings 🙂


So now that EDC is over, how do you feel? How many sets did you end up playing?

EDC was wild. I ended up playing Smirnoff House and The Wide Awake Art Car. I also got to play at the Buygore pool party at the SLS which was also insane. All the sets were super fun and it was great to meet fans from outside of LA. There was one dude there who had seen my Snowglobe and Coachella sets. Crazy. It was also amazing to be there with so many of my friends who were also playing the fest. I’m so proud of everyone. There was definitely a comedown afterward. Like many others, I wish I could just live in EDC land every day.

Will you be uploading any of those sets?

I left my portable recorder at home. Mega fail.

What further plans do you have for Space Yacht? You’ve already expanded to a couple cities outside of LA, but with so much support, you could totally do a tour.

We feel really lucky to have gotten such amazing support from the dance community. We had no idea it would go as far as it has. Our main focus is to continue to have our LA flagship party be a place to see new artists as well as major touring DJs. And yes, we are developing communities in the other cities (Phoenix, New Orleans, New York, Dallas) and want to continue to build authentic communities within those cities. At some point, we’ll probably do a proper tour but we’re not trying to rush into that just yet. It is very encouraging to see brands like Night Bass be able to tour the country with their brand. For us, we just want to continue to stay focused and bring everyone the best music and vibe that we possibly can. We love our Space Yacht family 🙂

You’re releasing a new track “America Online.” I know there’s a description on Soundcloud that tells a little bit about the track, but what has been your weirdest online experience so far?

I think the weirdest thing is less about one instance, but about the fact that I, like many, are addicted to being online. I can’t stop checking things. I check Twitter, then Facebook, then Insta, then Snapchat. Then I do it all over again. I close Twitter just to open it again forgetting that I had just closed it. I think everyone can relate to that. I love the internet, but we’re now all fucked up because of it. Yolo I guess.


Image via Jennica Mae Photo