Every artist seemingly has their own “opus,” which is literally defined as any kind of musical composition. More loosely defined, an “opus” can be a piece of music that defines a musical career. For Eric Prydz, his opus was “Opus.” For Deadmau5, it might be “Strobe.” For others, answers will differ. The one thread between all of these tracks is that they invariably shaped the future of an artist’s career.

For Ninth Parallel, that track is hopefully “Infinitum.” Highly influenced and motivated by none other than Madeon (as we’re sure you can tell), “Infinitum” blends electrohouse rhythms with insane sound design and crazy synths that define intellectual song writing.

Powerful and eclectic, Ninth Parallel makes a strong case for himself. And while it would be easy to call him “the next Madeon” or “the next Porter Robinson,” (he’s close to both artists) that would only serve to discount his own creativity and skill – so we’re going to refrain from that terminology. Instead, we’re just going to say that Ninth Parallel is an extremely gifted, talented, and creative producer that is aiming for the stars, and seems to have just made his first step.

Listen to “Infinitum” below.

Buy on iTunes: bit.ly/infinitumIT
Stream on Spotify: bit.ly/infinitumSP

Ninth Parallel writes, “i went through a lot of dark depression, anxiety, and turmoil while writing this song. It fundamentally changed me as a person and as an artist. My experience with it over the past two years changed my perspective on how to treat the process of writing music, how to trust myself better, and how to feel fulfilled doing what i love to do.” [sic]