With the help of Chrissy Quadros, The Disco Fries have given one of our favorite tracks the reboot we didn’t know we needed until now. “Somebody Told Me” by The Killers is one of the biggest hits out of the 2000s punk rock era, so to have it take on a new identity within the electronic music scene is definitely a treat.

We were able to chat with Danny and Nick from Disco Fries about how the cover came about.

What was the inspiration to recreate such an already well-loved track?

Danny: Prior to this track, we had been working on mostly originals, including some production for other artists. We just wanted to try working with something that would make us think differently and clear our heads a bit. We figured tackling a classic like this and really pushing ourselves to take it in a completely different direction would be a nice change of pace.

Have The Killers heard it? If not, do you think they’d like it?

Danny: Haha I don’t know…I’d hope they could appreciate a different take on it but it’s such a departure from the raw energy of their original that it may not be up their alley.

We’ve seen awesome albums like punk goes acoustic and things of that nature. Is this a sign of things to come in terms of electronic covers?

Nick: There is a wave of amazing rock music coming around right now and so many legendary bands are reemerging with new music. You’ve seen blink-182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Radiohead all dropping new music that is resonating with super young audiences. It was a long time coming, but it’s nice to see rock back in a big way. I think it’s inevitable that the original versions of the older hits from these acts and others are going to resurface as people dig back to find out what Green Day or Taking Back Sunday were doing 15-20 years ago. Of course, this is going to lead to an avalanche of new covers, mashups, and remixes. I’m positive the barrage of new interpretations will piss off a lot of people, but at the end of the day, songs like “Somebody Told Me” from the Killers stood the test of time and is just a straight up great song, so we felt like…. fuck it, lets give it our spin.

Any other upcoming projects your fans should be looking forward to?

Nick: We’ve got a ton of collaborations and new music sitting in our dropbox right now and we’re getting pretty antsy to release it all. We just finished up this remix for Polydor/Universal artist, Skylife that’s in-line with our Panic At the Disco! remix which recently came out on Big Beat. Most of the new stuff has these uplifting funky house vibes and its a bit different than most of the stuff we’ve done in the past. We’ve also got a new one with Vandalism and Tommie Sunshine coming out later this summer, and another couple of tunes with Reigns coming soon. Huge vocals on all of these. Most of this stuff gets ID’d and played early in our Liftoff Radio syndicated show on SiriusXM, so tune into that or grab it in the iTunes Podcast section to get the jump.