It’s been nearly two months to the day since Calvin Harris & Rihanna released their new collaboration, “This Is What You Came For,” and fans are still bumping the track as if it had just come out. However, the track is back in the news again for a bit of an odd reason. It seems that many Taylor Swift fans are absolutely convinced that she provided a small bit of vocals to the track.

The part of the track in question occurs at 1:18, wherein the swooning vocals go “youuuu youuuu.” People think that’s Taylor Swift.

There’s an even stranger rumor floating around that Taylor Swift actually has writing credits for the song under some alias of a person that doesn’t exist.

So did Taylor Swift actually contribute to this song in any way? We still don’t know. All of the evidence is pretty circumstantial and nothing concrete has come forward yet, or we’d definitely know about it. Taylor’s team has also declined to comment on the rumors.