It’s Shark Week! And you know what that means…

No, we’re not talking about binge-watching Discovery Channel shows about sharks, we’re talking about our favorite shark dropping some goodies. Jauz celebrates every year and we’re never sure what we’re going to get, but he’s starting out this week with a bang – a new remix of DJ Snake’s “Propaganda.”

Jauz is definitely exploring open water with this new remix, taking a bite out of bass house that leaves listeners feeling bloodied and weak in the knees. It’s possible that he’s just wading water until his next release is out, but it’s impossible to drown on new music. Hopefully everyone can sink their teeth into this succulent piece of music, as we’re sure it will do the same to you without warning.

With it being Sharkweek, I figured I would give out some Sharktreats. I’ve got a few more surprises this week but for now enjoy this one <3

Shark Week is just starting, so be on the lookout for more treats! In the meantime, grab the free download for this one here.

Some people have noted that Jauz’ remix sounds similar to the Moksi remix, but both tracks are equally dope in our eyes.