Producer Sam F seems to have found a very niche market for his tracks: television comedies. After creating the song for the now-classic SNL skit “When Will The Bass Drop,” a parody about EDM DJs and their ridiculous behavior behind the decks, the Berkeley native has now been featured in an episode of American Dad.

In episode 22 of season 13, “Standard Deviation,” Stan Smith must beat his boss at the CIA in a DJing battle. During the story, Stan tells his daughter that he’s found a USB with a set on it made by Sam F. Later on, his “Flick-a-Da Wrist” bass house remix is played out while Stan begins to hallucinate.

Check out clips from the episode below, and listen to the full remix further down.

SAM F On American Dad – S12 Episode22 – Standard Deviation from sam fishman on Vimeo.