Authorities in the Australian state of Victoria have threatened pill testers with arrests and criminal charges, despite having been made legal at music in every state outside New South Wales earlier this year.

Dr. David Caldicott, the man spearheading the push for more accepting legislation on safe drug testing in the country, has said that any arrests made due to pill testing would be “wrongful.”

New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant reflected the Victoria jurisdiction’s current sentiments in a statement made earlier this year.

A pill testing regime may well tell you what’s in that pill, but it has no way to tell you whether it will kill you or not. What you’re proposing there is a government regime that is asking for taxpayers’ money to support a drug dealer’s business enterprise — that’s not going to happen in New South Wales while ever I’m the minister.”

It appears the progress towards a safer and more informed Australian music festival base is now beginning to reverse itself. No word has been given on whether the rest of the states will follow Victoria’s suit.


Source: Stoney Roads | Image: Rukes