If you’re like me, and you’re a total sucker for a beautiful melody, then I have JUST the track to make your day!

With this latest track, “HDLCK,” Blu J brings an incredible new melding of musical worlds. Opening with a mesmerizing, trance-like melody, you’re immediately sucked into its zen, atmospheric pull. Over a pulsating, pluck-like build, the soothing vocals of Imogen Heap command and bewitch her audience, carrying us with her on the steady ride to the drop.

With a hard hitting baseline, the chorus is sublimely executed. It is simultaneously up-tempo and chill, with melodic warping and a high energy beat that will have you wanting to hit the dance floor in no time! The interweaving of its starry-like melody and the harder underlying base makes for a sound that is completely unique, and a definite must listen!

Get ready to put this on repeat and check it out here!